• Your Information Technology Partner

    Your Information Technology Partner

    Discover the power of IT with Frantic LLC

  • The Frantic Family

    The Frantic Family

    The common thread that runs through every member of the Frantic team is our commitment to integrating businesses with custom tailored IT & digital voice solutions. Why? Because competing in any industry today requires customized digital tools and we believe every company deserves to have these assets. It’s simple: This is who we are.


I.T. Solutions

The core of modern business success rests with optimal data management and efficient interconnection. Our IT solutions are geared to ensure the digital foundation of your company is strong enough to make this a reality. We have the power to make it happen via IT support and implementation services, data center optimization tools, security and risk contingencies, and more.


Digital Voice Systems

Having a low-cost, high-versatility system that optimizes your business’ digital voice and web communication tools is crucial, and Frantic is the solution. We offer fully hosted digital voice systems that feature industry standard phones, email & voicemail synchronization, scalable billing options, as well as out of the box support for calls across the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe at no added per-minute expense.